Test Process

The Rally Test Process

Rally Participants will have three months to design and implement their systems to meet requirements outlined in The Requirements Prior to the test, Rally Participants will be scheduled to install their systems at the MdTF. Several hundred volunteers will be recruited and schedule to come to the MdTF over the multi-day test period.

The MdTF has a large configurable test bay where 12 stations will be set-up for Rally Participants to install their systems. During the test, volunteers will be divided into multiple groups and led by a test guide to each station. The order in which the groups will go to each station will be counterbalanced to eliminate any order effects.

During the rally, test guides will move their groups to assigned stations, as announced over the PA system with a custom application. Groups will be allotted one minute to walk to each station. Once the group is at an assigned station, a second announcement will prompt the beginning of data collection. Following the prompt, test guides will scan each volunteers' wristband and allow them to enter the station one at a time. Groups will be allotted five minutes to usher all volunteers through that station's biometric system. If an entire group cannot use the system within that time, the group will not be allowed to continue at that station.

In the event that a Rally Participant’s system goes down during the test session, Rally Participants will be allowed to enter the test bay to fix their system. However, volunteers will not be allowed to use that station while the Rally Participant is present.

Each volunteer who uses the system at a station will provide feedback using a kiosk outside of the station. volunteers will be trained on how to submit their feedback on the kiosk. A test guide will monitor volunteers as they submit their feedback to ensure the response is submitted in a timely manner and ensure that the group has ample time to use the station.

At the conclusion of the rally, the volunteers will fill out a brief survey. Following the completion of the survey, volunteers will be debriefed and compensated for their time.

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