System Requirements and Optional Requirements

In order to be selected to participate in the Biometric Technology Rally, systems should have the ability to:

  1. Collect facial biometric imagery from volunteers to support identification operations
  2. Provide at least one biometric probe per volunteer
  3. Direct all aspects of volunteer interaction necessary to achieve requirements one and two
  4. Collect, process, and submit all biometric data within the period of interaction with the volunteer
  5. Operate in an unmanned mode, i.e. no operator or instructor present
  6. Operate within a time-constraint defined by DHS
  7. Operate within a physical footprint and infrastructure defined by DHS

Rally Participants may provide the following additional data to DHS:

  1. Up to three face biometric probe images per volunteer
  2. Up to three pairs of iris biometric probe images per volunteer
  3. Identifications using a Rally provided gallery of faces
  4. 10 seconds of video per volunteer that incorporates face images

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